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Guy Ngono

Guy Ngono


Ngono Guy, also known under the pseudonym N. Guyzo, born in 1987 is a Cameroonian visual artist and architect who currently resides and works in Krakow, Poland. After his secondary studies at the Institute of Art in Cameroon and obtaining a diploma in Architectural Engineering from the Polytechnic of Krakow in 2015, the Artist gradually became involved in his passion: Art. Artistically he is particularly attracted to the questions of Synergy of elements, and in this case of the juxtaposition of cultures, sharing of various languages. It is indeed the interdependent relationships that may exist between different elements of our environment that drive our evolution and could, according to him, rebalance our societies.
In his own way, the artist stages topical subjects such as freedoms, colonization, living together, and many other issues, with an emphasis on the complementarity of oppositions, as part of the response. He would like his art to be the balance that allows comparison in order to balance for the well-being and harmonies.
Inspired by the surrealists, contemporary artist N.guyzo draws his inspiration mainly from his daily life but above all from what he sees or which exists even without being visible.
The world of today and the one of tomorrow depends a lot on the responses we are providing to these issues which are linked to the conscience and responsibility of us humans.

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