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Guy Ngono

Guy Ngono


Born in 1987, Ngono Guy is a Cameroonian Visual Artist and Architect who currently resides and works in the Netherlands. Attracted by surrealism, artist feeds mainly from his own life experience with a particular emphasis on exploring the notions of experience, memory, and synergy, just as much as he likes to play with space and different types of objects.

Ngono Guy got the 1st prize in the 2008's painting contest of the Spanish cultural center in Cameroon, and the 2nd prize in the Engelbert Mveng's Art contest for youth, 3rd edition 2004. and he took part in several Art residences and workshops in Cameroon between 2004 and 2008. He completed his secondary studies at the Institute of Arts in Mbalmayo in Cameroon, and then in 2015, he obtained his degree in Architectural Engineering at the Polytechnic of Krakow (Poland). Since then he has slowly returned to Art.

Through my Art, I would like to leave recognizable traces in this world where Human beings are still wandering and looking for their way, trying to find the balance between their instant desires and the challenges of society.

Through my questions, I invite reflection for a fairer world, where the rules alone are not enough for access to justice and equity.

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