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Helga Nagy

Helga Nagy


I’ve arrived from Budapest, Hungary, and currently I’m living in Cracow, Poland.
I have 2 main areas of my interest: history and art history. Every era in history as well as different cultures give a strong impact on my work.
I have a lots of favorite masters, that inspired me over the years.
Namely: Flemish masters of the 15th- and 16th-century, the 13th and 14th century Italian renaissance painting and sculpture, and the turn of the 19th-20th century’s style trends. I can highlight here the Parisian artist group, Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Van Gogh, the symbolic poetry, and the art nuovo; art of Klimt, Mucha and Gustav Moreau.
Rococo women are a recurring image in my work. I also get many inspiration from the rococo style trend, as well as the old Byzantine’s culture, and the ancient near east civilizations cultural and artistic creations.
In addition I have always tried to apply to use my own style and expression, and develop myself constantly.
It is important for me to avoid "mainstream" art, to create for the market, to meet customer needs.
I had a lots of exhibitions in Budapest (Hungary) and Cracow (Poland) in galleries, ruin pubs, collective exhibition in Caste Buda, organised by the Ferdinand Gallery, collective exhibition organised by Salom Gallery in Cracow and my works are also found in private collections in Hungary, Poland and USA.
In 2009, I have participated in a collective exhibition together with other Hungarian artist in Tokyo, organised by Opera Gallery, where we could present our works for the Japanese audience. The exhibition was hosted by J-Trip Art Gallery.

Individual exhibitions:

- 2 individual exhibitions organized by Artitude Gallery in Budapest
- Individual exhibition within the framework of Hungarian folk art. (Budapest)
- Individual exhibition in IF Cafe (2009, Budapest)
- Individual exhibition in Puskin Cafe ( 2013, Budapest)
- Individual exhibition in NieLubięPoniedziałków (2014, Krakow)

Collective exhibitions:

- Collective exhibition by the title „Soul-trees” (2006, Budapest)
- Collective exhibition by selected Hungarian Artist, organized by the Opera Gallery in Budapest( 2008)
- Collective exhibition by selected Hungarian artist in J-Trip Art Gallery (2009, Tokio )
- Collective exhibition by the title „Rajk Spring 2010” (Budapest)
- Collective exhibition in Völgy Gallery (2010 Budapest)
- Collective exhibition from the private collection in Völgy Gallery (2012, Budapest)
- Collective exhibition on event Night of Art Collectors, in Ferdinand Gallery (2012, Budapest)
- Collective exhibition in Kazi30 Gallery ( 2013-2014, Budapest)
- Collective exhibition in Castle Buda, organized by Kazi 30 Gallery ( 2013, Budapest)
- Collective exhibition in Szimpla Garden – organized by Kazi30 Gallery ( 2014, Budapest)
- Collective exhibition in Szalom Gallery (2016 Krakow)

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